Can the IUD move to other parts of a woman’s body, such as the brain or heart?

The IUD inserted into the uterine cavity does not move to other parts of the body, but may move, if misplaced, within the uterine cavity itself.

Can the IUD prevent a woman from getting pregnant even after the device has been removed?

The contraceptive effect of the IUD is readily reversible. This means that a woman can become pregnant as soon as the IUD is removed. The IUD does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Can a woman who has never had children use an IUD?

A woman who has never had children can use the IUD, but it is recommended to consult the gynecologist.

Can the IUD be inserted shortly after gestation?

The IUD can be inserted after a normal gestation or caesarean section and does not interfere with lactation.

Can the IUD be inserted right after a miscarriage or induced abortion?

The IUD can be inserted after a miscarriage or induced abortion, unless the woman has a pelvic infection.

Should the IUD be inserted only during menstruation?

The IUD can be inserted at any time during the woman’s menstrual cycle, but it is necessary to make sure that she is not pregnant. The menstrual period is most indicated because the possibility of pregnancy is discarded, and because the insertion is easier.

Before insertion of the IUD is it recommended to use antibiotics to prevent infections?

Proper insertion and proper assessment of the woman ensure an aseptic procedure. The risk of infection is minimal in healthy women.

Is there an ideal age range for IUD use?

There is no minimum or maximum age for IUD use as long as the woman has received adequate advice about its use. The IUD should be removed after menopause at least one year after the last menstrual period.

Can I place the IUD on the same day that I receive my first advice?

Yes, you can, as long as the possibility of pregnancy and infections is ruled out.

Can a woman with diabetes use the IUD?

The IUD is a safe method for women with diabetes. They should seek a health service if they notice signs of a sexually transmitted disease or other infection.

Should the woman experience any rest interval after using the IUD for several years or after the IUD expires?

The interval is not necessary and the doctor takes advantage of the moment of removal to insert the new IUD.

When should I change the IUD with copper?

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the latest copper IUD models are effective for many years. The gynecologist will advise the date for the replacement or removal.

Do IUD wires interfere with sex?

No. The wires remain about 2 cm from the cervical orifice, inside the vaginal cavity and do not interfere with sexual intercourse.

Is the IUD abortive?

Current scientific evidence indicates that the copper-bearing IUD is not abortive because it works by preventing the encounter between the ovum and the sperm.

Can a woman who has had a miscarriage or more use the IUD?

According to the eligibility criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO), the occurrence of one or more abortions does not represent a restriction on the use of the IUD.

Can the use of corticosteroids decrease the effectiveness of the IUD?

The effectiveness of modern IUDs is not affected by the use of drugs, including corticosteroids.

Can a woman who has had an ectopic pregnancy use the IUD?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) medical eligibility criteria, the history of ectopic pregnancy is within “Category 1” for IUD use, which means that the method can be used without restrictions.

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