Optima DIU TCu 380S with Quickload


Product description

White “T” shaped polyethylene device with rounded ends with a copper cylinder applied to each of its arms. A spiral of copper wire is wrapped around the “T” rod. At the end of the central part is attached a double white polyethylene wire. Copper cylinders of the OPTIMA DIU TCu 380S with Quickload are continuous, that is, they accompany the diameter of the horizontal arm of the “T”, facilitating the insertion in the patient. Quickload is a ready-to-insert insert facilitator device that is composed of a transparent high-impact polyethylene molded body that facilitates the insertion of the “T” without the manual contact for bending the horizontal “T” arms into the tube. insertion. Contraceptive efficacy from 99.2% to 99.4%. Indicated for women with uterine depth between 6 and 9 cm.